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Investing in San Antonio Real Estate Aspects to Consider

If you are currently in the process of buying a home in San Antonio, you can be easily overwhelmed with the extremely wide choice of real estate properties available in the area. San Antonio is a great place to settle down in, and getting a house in the area is excellent investment.

However, there are a few things you need to consider before going to see homes for sale in San Antonio and, with the following list, we would like to help you get the bigger picture and make a wise decision.

Financial Aspects

Before going out on the market to see houses for sale, you need to define exactly how much you can afford to spend on real estate. As a general rule of thumb, most people who have very little or no debt can afford a home that costs about three times their annual income. Paying for property usually consists of an initial down payment, usually about 10% of the purchase price and in most cases also a bank loan that covers the rest of the price. The higher the down payment you can afford, the more favorable your loan conditions and the stronger your negotiation position is, so you might want to consider your possibilities of making a higher initial payment.

Preparing for House Shopping

Once you know how much you can spend on a house in San Antonio, you can start figuring out the parameters of your future home. You need to know exactly what type of real estate to look for. Condos, apartments, town houses all have advantages and disadvantages, so you need to know exactly what you want.

If you decide to look for a house, there are more decisions to make. You need to define the age and the style of the house and you also need to choose the neighborhood you want to live in. When choosing the location, you will need to focus on aspects like proximity to school or workplace, noise, tax rates, public transport, crime rates, air quality and many others.

House Shopping

The San Antonio real estate market is huge. Even though it is not necessary to have a real estate agent by your side when you go house shopping, a buyers agent can help you a lot. Your agent can pre-select the available real estate for sale based on your requirements, so you can significantly reduce the legwork and the time spent house hunting. Your realtor will also accompany you on the visits to the selected homes and he or she will provide you valuable information about the properties and will help you negotiate as well.

If you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable realtors to help you select the best property and to assist you all the way to signing the rental, lease or purchase contract for the San Antonio home of your dreams, check the offers of RE/MAX 360. The real estate professionals working at the company will surely be able to find the best home for you in San Antonio, the home that you will be happy living in.

Tips on How to Manage a Property from San Antonio Real Estate Experts

The truth is that the real estate market is quite dynamic and complex. From what it seems, selling, renting or simply maintaining a property has become quite a challenge. The good news is that, with the rapid development of the market, also profile companies have diversify their services.

Whether you want to sell, to rent or to look for homes for sale in San Antonio, these experts will provide you with professional assistance for successfully managing every aspect. After all, if you want the best results, you have to collaborate with the best people.

Enjoying Top Services of Property Management

Lets say, for example, that your interest at the moment is to rent a property. In order to simplify your existence, all you have to do is hire an expert. Here is what you benefit from:

Listing your property in a large data basis- These directories contain not only houses for sale, but also available rental properties. This way, your property becomes more visible on the market.

Screening the tenants- Finding the right people can sometimes be a great challenge. These realtors will make a selection of the possible tenants, so that everything goes smooth.

Managing all maintenance works- The San Antonio real estate property management experts have developed a network of specialists in various domains: plumbers,electricians, roofers and so on. In case any repairs are needed, for them, it is very simple and quick to solve the issue. 

Handling documentation and bookkeeping- Once you have signed a contract with a company specialized in property management, you dont have to worry about absolutely anything. Using sophisticated software and guarantying complete transparency, they will manage all financial and legal aspects.

Convenient and comfortablethis is how you can describe your collaboration with them. You save time, energy and money, while a professional does all the hard work!

Buying a Home in San Antonio-Simple or Complicated?

Simple, of coursewith one important condition: if you work with the right company. Having seen the advantages in collaborating with a company for rentals, why not take into consideration the same services when you buy or sell a property?

The beauty of todays real estate market resides in its dynamism. However, this feature is what complicates the situation. From complying with current legislation to finding a good buyer/seller, every step must be managed with maximum of professionalism.

Learn All about Real Estate for Sale from Professionals

As you can see, managing real estate issues is not as simple as it seems. However, it is not impossible either. At RE/MAX Realtors, we understand how important it is to benefit from top assistance for real estate operations.  For this reason, we have invested in people and tools that guarantee a complete coverage of all your needs.One of the best team of realtors in San Antonio, we pride to offer top solutions for all our clients. So, ready to sell? Contact us today for signing the best deal tomorrow!

Exciting Times

What an exciting time it is now for the San Antonio real estate market, sales are going up every month and for the first time in 5 years there is major optimism. Consumers confidence is at an all time high, the stock market is breaking new records on an daily basis, and people are spending money with a renewed enthusiasm. Technology is running rampant in all industries, it has never been cheaper and easier to buy a house.

So what does this mean for the good people of San Antonio and those of us in the local real estate industry? It means we should all take advantage of this opportunity and should do so with a sense of urgency. Anyone who has been sitting on the fence for the last 6 years to move up or to buy an investment home needs to move quickly. Prices will be increasing and they will be going up fast, several colleagues have even gone so far as to call it now a "sellers market". All reports have been of extremes positive movement in all markets, foreclosures and short sales are at all time lows which mean Americans are not getting kicked out of their homes anymore. Americans have refused to allow fear to keep them from their dreams because make no doubt about it folks this is still indeed the American Dream.

My focus area was hit the hardest during the recession primarily because it was developed net within the last 10 years, the Alamo Ranch, Lackland AFB, Hwy 151, northwest side of San Antonio real estate devalued the most because it was the most recently priced, when the market is up prices are also up so the new homes are the most inflated when the correction occurs they will devalue the most. So the clear majority of everyone with in the area that my office is located where "upside down" on their homes over these last 6 years, there where more foreclosure in my area as well which further drove the price of real estate down. Now we have a lot of hope, sitting down with folks who had to compromise are now looking to make good on their continuation of the American Dream.

Only the government could screw up something so good, which is why we must lead the fight in deregulating our industry, we must remove our dependency on the government and allow free markets to do what they have been doing for hundreds of years now in our great country. In the words of my esteemed role model Krish Dahnam "when you allow someone to row your boat for you, they are going to take you where they want to go!". If we allow the government to control our industry they will take it to a place that none of us want to be, we can take care of ourselves, we don't need their worthless money and we don't need their regulations. 

God Bless America. 

Carl Bishop

2013 Housing Forecast

I recently attended SABOR's annual housing forecast, there was lots of great information given from various individuals and the consensus overall was very positive for the San Antonio real estate market and for the national housing market as well. All sigs are pointing to 2013 becoming the "come back" year for housing and the recovery should be in full swing this year with sharp increases across the board. 

Of course I was most happy to see Dr. Dotzour's presentation. The man is a genius and delivers his message in such an entertaining fashion; he truly is a joy to watch. In my opinion his common sense mentality is exactly what appeals to most Americans these days. Economics is not complicated, as a matter of fact it is really quite simple, the complication arise from our government over complicating things. If they would just take the same approach that every common sense having American family takes, and that is. Don't spend money we don't have, and always repay our debts.

There was also the regulatory environment topic particularly with how it pertains to mortgage lending; the governments' oversight continues to get hairier and hairier no matter which party is in office.Things like the implementation of the Frank-Dodd Act and also information on how those of us in the real estate industry can fight back against some of these industry changing laws. We must fight back against many of these regulations because they are wrong! Over regulating will only prevent  future growth and discourage many responsible lending practices. Call your congressman, when you call the majority of the time you will not be able to get through to anyone, that's because there are so many people calling in the lines are literally flooded on a daily basis. People are unhappy with the decisions coming out of Washington, we must keep calling till they pick up or simply vote them out of office every time they betray the American people.

The free market would do a much better job regulating the housing and mortgage industry if the government would just allow it. Do away with the moral hazard the government creates and then the need to regulate will go away. You know every time there is a new government program created there are also new regulations that must be created in order to regulate this new program and keep people from taking advantage. When you have cheap and easy credit there will always be those that look to take advantage of that environment.

Who is paying for all of this? All this burden is on the United States tax payer, when the government "stimulates" housing this makes their homes less valuable which eats at their savings and also devalues the currency in their pockets and bank accounts. The majority of people in Americans have their wealth stored in their homes equity, when the value of their home goes down money is literally stolen from them. Those of us who work in the housing industry have a responsibility to homeowners to keep values in our houses, not to take advantage when the government offer us cheap and easy credit. No Thank you!

The United States government should do exactly what the constitution give it power to do. Restore confidence in the government, preserve the valus of our dollar, pay our debts honorably, and stop throwing our money away! Even with a superior level of incompetence going on in Washington DC we will see a great year for housing across the whole nation. We the American people will not let our government control us with fear, we will continue to succeed and achieve new heights as a people no matter what they throw at us. We will push forward and reestablish the value in our homes. Hopefully the government will not squander what all Americans will have worked so hard to achieve.

Carl Bishop

Happy Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner, it of course feels like this year went by in the blink of an eye. Looking back I've seen many of my goals hit and exceeded this year. Looking forward to setting new goals for 2013. "Shoot for the stars and it's ok if you get somewhere just below", heard that from a wise man recently. God, Family, and Country is what I'm thinking about this Holiday season.

With another election in the books and what appears to be a healthy recovery to the housing market currently underway it appears as if America as a whole has conceded to "Big Government" being the answer to our problems. Hard to blame anyone when we all are benefiting from government programs especially us in the real estate industry. Where would be be with out our FHA, USDA, and Down Payments assistance programs? In my personal business government housing programs accounts for easily 60% of all my office's production. However I'm not convinced that we would not be equally as busy with out these programs, it would be naive to think that as a whole the real estate industry would be unaffected if all these programs where taken away tomorrow. Surely, there would be much less houses in existence and home ownership would be much more of a coveted position.

There is something to be said about keeping value in the American Dream, after all if everyone is dreaming the same dream then it becomes more of a reality. My point is, we as real estate professionals need to ask ourselves a few very important questions. Has it become too easy to own a home? Can our housing problems be fixed by simply creating more programs and stimulus? If these programs go away are people going to stop buying houses? Do the laws of economics apply to all industries except housing?

The federal government has promised higher taxes and continues to preach "bigger is better", as if every problem can be solved simply by throwing more money at it. Those of us that plan on making a career out of selling real estate in America should take into heavy consideration the value that we must maintain. Are we simply prolonging the agony by continuing down this path of dependency on the government?

Only time will tell, but I will maintain what I believe to be conservative and in the best interest of our great country. Proud to be an American, a Christian, and a Home Owner this Holiday season.

Change of Seasons

It came to me the other day that I have been utterly negligent towards my blog as of late. When the change of seasons came it was a harsh reminder that I have been procrastinating on some very important things. How can I expect anyone of my team members or Agents to respect my advice if don't follow it myself. This is painful to say but I haven't touched this blog in over 3 months. Where did the time go? It seemed like just yesterday that I was procrastinating on this subject. Well at any rate I have been very busy, and this year has been an exciting year for real estate in San Antonio area.

One thing that has always been true about this time of the years is that most real estate agents go on vacation leaving the hungrily and more motivated agents behind to do all the work so to speak. The is true because there are large amounts of people that still need to sell or buy even during the holidays or times that are not perceived to be the "buying seasons". The other day I was visiting with some Broker colleagues with similar mind sets and they to agreed that in the months considered by most to be the dead months for real estate they too have seen substantial profits. In my opinion it all boils down to what level of motivation we all possess.

Because of the over all negative view on selling during the "down season"; sellers will tend to drop their prices or "chase the market down" in an effort to get their property sold; this of course creates some excellent opportunities for the savvy investor or anyone looking to capitalize on a real estate transaction during the fall and holiday seasons. Interest rates on mortgage loans remain at records lows; home values remain low because of the high number of distressed properties on the market, and rents are at record highs. Purchasing an investment property has become one of the lowest rick highest profit yield financial options available today to everyone from multi million dollars business to everyday families looking to invest in their future.

The change of seasons has me very optimistic about our future, and happy to be serving the good people of San Antonio with all their real estate needs. Gong to buckle down and start posting more on this blog, happy to share my knowledge with anyone willing to hear it.

--Carl Bishop

New Homes in San Antonio

We have so many wonderful new home programs here on the Northwest side of San Antonio; being that we are working in one of the fastest growing area in the nation we have several builders and new home construction going on in the area. New homes have become a thorn in the side of many pre-owned home sellers because of their ability to lower their prices and offer bigger and better incentives. Most people prefer a new home to a used home for several obvious reasons; I recently made a video on the importance of using a Realtor to negotiate you new home purchase; please view the video by clicking here.

The most important thing to remember when buying a home is resale value; you want to be sure that your investment will hold it's value and not depreciate too much right off the bat. Of course your property will go down in value right after you purchase it because it will no longer be "new" and appraiser and lenders give a much higher value when the property is brand new. Details like weather or not the subdivision is close to being finished, or how many foreclosures have occurred in that particular subdivision. or how many homes have been turned into rental or investment properties. These variables will have a direct impact on the value of your home and a Realtor will be able to gather and decipher this information for you. You want to be able to know that if you do have to sell your home in a few years what options you will have available.

In most cases in our current market a person would have to wait anywhere from 4 - 7 years before they would have sufficient equity to resale their homes with out having to come out of pocket. This reality put many of our clients that have to recolcate in situations where they would have to "rent out" their home or find someone to assume their loan, or if it comes to it "short sale" their home if it is required. Here at RE/MAX 360 we have made it our business to offer our clients all options and give them first class service every time.

Knowledge is Power

A lot of people ask me what is it that makes me such a great real estate agent; my initial response is that it's not that I'm a great agent but I have been armed with knowledge and I'm confident in the way that I conduct my business. My clients have the peace of mind knowing that they have a professional looking out for them in this very important transaction. Once people know that you care about their best interest they want to know that you have the knowledge to follow through. "Knowledge is Power" that saying could not be more true in the real estate indusrty. When you inform your clients of things they didn't know you instantly prove to them your value after that provide a first class service and you will never go wrong. Take every opportunity to learn and uses every experience to gain more knowledge.
Carl Bishop

Today's Real Estate Market

The national average for interest rates has now dropped to 3.88%, an all new historic low. Real estate sales across the nation are up from the previous 4 years; many experts are claiming the recovery is now in full swing. For the first time in 4 years we have actually begun to see home values increase slightly. Owning a home has never been more affordable and we are seeing people take advantage of these unique circumstances all over the country.

As real estate professionals I think anyone that plans on being in this business long term hopes for stable prices. Major upswings are usually followed by major down swings and when you have a volatile real estate market the window is open for those that would take advantage of these factors. It makes since to most people that there should be a gradual increase in value as time progresses because of supply and demand factors as well as inflation. Decreases in home values are never really understood by the consumer because as Americans through out our history we have always known our real estate to go up in value. Usually, the decreases are accompanied some sort of crisis and therefore if your home has gone down in value it was because of some terrible event outside our control. This is what we as Americans are supposed to believe.

The real error in thinking comes form the mentality that we must depend on our government to protect us from the crisis or to pull us out of these crisis once we are in them. This logic is deeply flawed. I don't doubt that every government program ever created for housing or anything else was started with the best intentions at mind however you will notice that any time the government is involved in anything you can count on them spending tax payer dollars. Not every problem is solved by dumping massive amounts of dollars on it. We must allow the free market to make corrections to market based problems like "supply and demand". If we do not understand this principle I'm afraid we will go right back into re inflating the real estate bubble only to be popped again at a later date or new crisis. The bubbles are created by government stimulus and intervention and if we want to get away from unstable prices we will need to give up some of our dependency on the government. Home ownership should be a sacred thing; it is the ultimate goal of every family is to own their own home however if we make it too easy then we will find ourselves losing value in our homes which will eat into the precious savings and wealth of our citizens. We must protect our money and we must protect our home values; we must not allow the government to alter or modify our real estate market anymore.

Carl Bishop

A Reunion in Heaven


On Saturday March 24, 2012 my grandmother Becky Bishop Gee-ma passed away due to cancer and related issues. My grandmother was a beacon of loving hope for my family; she would always have this wonderful peace about her. When I was in her company I always felt so loved by her; she would cook such wonderful meals for us and literally treat us like kings every time we made the trip up to North Carolina. My father passed away 6 years ago and in his final months he spoke to my grandmother literally every day, multiple times. It was her soft, supportive, and loving voice that gave my father peace in his last days. A source of happiness in all of this is that now my Dad and my Gee-ma are together again in heaven.


I felt a great deal of sadness in my grandmothers passing, I felt that I had not been a good grandson with regards to keeping in touch, I felt a huge loss at the fact that I did not have a chance to speak with her before she passed. I would have told her how much I loved her and asked her to tell my father in heaven that all of us are going to be OK down here and that we all will be together one day soon. I would have told her that she was the best grandmother I could ever ask for and that she will always be an inspiration to me.  I would have said so much; but she is gone now and I will be happy that she is at peace and in heaven with my dad. I know she would not want me to be sad or feel guilt about anything because that is just the kind of person she was; she put her family first in everything she did.


Where in the world would we be as a society with out people like my Grandmother? She was an anchor for my family; a caring and supporting angel that gave my entire family hope.  She instilled a deep sense of love and devotion in us and will be remembered as a sweet and wonderful woman that gave us all inspiration. Rest in peace my dear Gee-ma, I love you.

Carl Bishop

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