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Carl Bishop


Councilman Ron Nirenberg

Councilman Ron Nirenberg


I was recently asked on my Facebook page as to what I specifically like about Ron Nirenberg and this post is dedicated to shining a light as to that exact question. I think Councilmen Nirenberg is an admirable upstanding councilman. He has been actively and visibly involved in many civic projects and political research studies since graduating from our local Trinity University and then following up with his Masters at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been able to make positive and influential changes all over the United States but is now focusing on pouring himself into the good he can do right here in San Antonio. His main goals for our city are to create jobs, protect the city’s aquifers and manage the quickly growing population in a way that maintains balance and achieves harmony in the community.

He most recently started the fight with several other local conservation groups against a prominent real estate developer to protect the 1500-acre area south of the Bracken Bat Cave, not only for the lives of the millions of migratory bats but also because he feels it could affect the Edwards Aquifer, which provides the primary source of water for the vast majority of San Antonians. He has set out to achieve this by working with several agencies locally and federally to help create funding to protect these areas.

Keeping a primary water source and protecting these creatures is clearly of upmost importance to Councilman Nirenberg, and that sets him apart from typical money driven politicians in the way that he cares for conserving our natural resources and our wellbeing. I feel he is an honest, caring man who is truly looking out for the good of San Antonio and its citizens. I am proud to support him and anticipate seeing only positive, productive things from him in the future. I feel we should be honored to call him our councilman.