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Carl Bishop


Deck Installation

Deck Installation

So you want to add a deck to your home! Installing a new deck can be very challenging for homeowners as a DIY project so be aware that there are companies and even handymen individuals out there who can do this for you. Before you get started you may want to measure the amount of space you have available and have a conversation with your significant other about important choices like, height, color, style, steps, gates, etc. There are many different styles of decks for your home. Before you begin the project you should hopefully have an idea in mind of what you want; however there are companies out there who have “deck designers” that can help you make some of those difficult choices to be sure you end up with the perfect deck of your dreams.

There are many options you can choose to create the perfect deck for you. Once you have chosen the wood colors, any stain, height and whether you will have extras such as a pool or fire pit then they can start the building. Some deck installations can be quite quick and only last a few days while others can take significantly longer. There will be lots of variables that will determine that, however most professionals will get the project done as quickly and efficiently as possible. In most cases you will receive an estimate prior to beginning the work and this will tell you what to expect as far as cost of supplies and labor. Even though someone else may be installing your new deck it is important that you communicate with them about any issues or questions. At the end of the day this deck is yours and you and your family want to enjoy it for years to come so it’s important to remember that. Trust your installers but feel open and honest enough to make suggestions or ask questions about your deck installation. Hopefully in a short period of time you will have a brand new deck for your home that is exactly what you were hoping for. Now you can relax and drink lemonade in the sun shine on your new dream deck!