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Carl Bishop


Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Homes

Lots of people will tell you owning an energy efficient home is no different than a regular home but those people would definitely be mistaken.  There are many pros to owning an energy efficient home today. One of those pros is saving on utility bills, studies show that families who live in energy efficient properties save approximately 7-8% on their yearly utility bills which when you add that up over the term of your mortgage is thousands of dollars saved giving you more money for things like family vacations, school supplies for the kids and more.  Many people are concerned about the initial cost of making your home energy efficient however with the big savings from your annual utilities research shows this money is made up within a few years and that makes it truly worthwhile.

 Energy efficient homes are shown to regulate temperatures better so your heat or air conditioning don’t have to work as hard and this equals big savings for homeowners in dollars and comfort.  The temperature also brings other advantages in the way that this makes your family less likely to suffer from allergies due to the surrounding air is clean and dry.  Another advantage for energy efficient homes is possible tax credits from the Federal government. Some of these tax credits are available for things such as energy efficient windows and heating systems. There are some requirements to receive these tax credits but all in all you will receive money back from the government for making your home more energy efficient and better for the environment.

Many people and families these days are doing their part to try to make the Earth greener and cleaner for centuries to come and owning an energy efficient home is a major step in the right direction. These homes are built in a greener, cleaner way to help prevent global warming and pollution. When you add up the savings in utilities, healthier families and possible rebates from the government, you’ll quickly recognize that energy efficient homes are definitely the way of the future.