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Carl Bishop


Exciting Times

Exciting Times

What an exciting time it is now for the San Antonio real estate market, sales are going up every month and for the first time in 5 years there is major optimism. Consumers confidence is at an all time high, the stock market is breaking new records on an daily basis, and people are spending money with a renewed enthusiasm. Technology is running rampant in all industries, it has never been cheaper and easier to buy a house.


So what does this mean for the good people of San Antonio and those of us in the local real estate industry? It means we should all take advantage of this opportunity and should do so with a sense of urgency. Anyone who has been sitting on the fence for the last 6 years to move up or to buy an investment home needs to move quickly. Prices will be increasing and they will be going up fast, several colleagues have even gone so far as to call it now a "sellers market". All reports have been of extremes positive movement in all markets, foreclosures and short sales are at all time lows which mean Americans are not getting kicked out of their homes anymore. Americans have refused to allow fear to keep them from their dreams because make no doubt about it folks this is still indeed the American Dream.


My focus area was hit the hardest during the recession primarily because it was developed net within the last 10 years, the Alamo Ranch, Lackland AFB, Hwy 151, northwest side of San Antonio real estate devalued the most because it was the most recently priced, when the market is up prices are also up so the new homes are the most inflated when the correction occurs they will devalue the most. So the clear majority of everyone with in the area that my office is located were "upside down" on their homes over these last 6 years, there where more foreclosures in my area as well which further drove the price of real estate down. Now we have a lot of hope, sitting down with folks who had to compromise are now looking to make good on their continuation of the American Dream.


Only the government could screw up something so good, which is why we must lead the fight in deregulating our industry, we must remove our dependency on the government and allow free markets to do what they have been doing for hundreds of years now in our great country. In the words of my esteemed role model Krish Dahnam "when you allow someone to row your boat for you, they are going to take you where they want to go!". If we allow the government to control our industry they will take it to a place that none of us want to be, we can take care of ourselves, we don't need their worthless money and we don't need their regulations.


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