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Carl Bishop


Golf & Real Estate

Golf & Real Estate


Golf is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Often husbands and colleagues head out to the green for a leisurely round of 18 holes. Golf is a personal hobby of mine and one that I truly enjoy. My father was an avid golfer and I feel like that is possibly part of the reason I found my way to the sport.

Most people know golf is a sport played with different types of clubs where you make your way around the course starting where you tee off and eventually ending up at the putting green. It is one of the few sports where almost all courses are different and vary from place to place unlike a basketball court or football field. The courses have various types of greenways including fairway, rough and other hazards. The player can experience penalty strokes for certain hazards and shots. The baseline or expected amount of strokes for average golfers is called par. The ultimate goal for any golfer is to make par or less on every hole. The golfer with the fewest number of strokes at the end of the game is the winner.

Golf is a game that takes patient thought, precision, and planning each move hoping to aim it just right. In some ways I feel being a golfer has helped me reach my success in the real estate business. Buying a home is like a round of golf, it takes time and patience. You have to accept that like all golf courses our clients are unique and looking for just the right “swing” to get the ball in the hole or in this case the perfect home for them. There will be hazards and rough patches along the way but if you persevere you will come out par for the course and feeling like a serious winner! If you have never played golf is a truly rewarding sport and a relaxing pastime that is “worth a shot”. Give it a chance: what can you lose when there’s everything to gain!