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Helotes Real Estate

Helotes Real Estate

Helotes Subdivision


Brushing the northeast corner of San Antonio, Helotes, Texas is a beautiful suburb located between two large parks, the Canyon State Natural Area on the west and the Rancho Diana Park on the northeast. Featuring the best of all worlds when it comes to convenience, opportunity and location, Helotes is a community on the rise.

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Naturally, many people who are coming for the opportunities San Antonio provides are looking for a realtor to help them find the right home in the right residential area to best fit there needs.


The outlook for the real estate market in Helotes is highly promising for 2013. There are a number of factors why people looking for a home in this part of Texas should be looking to buy now. First and foremost, the real estate market is climbing back up nationally as well as locally.

This means that housing prices which had dropped dramatically in some areas during the housing crisis of 2008 have now steadied and are rising again. This means that for those waiting on even better deals, the time for that has passed as housing prices are not expected to drop in the foreseeable future. Instead, values are only going to increase over time.

Another factor contributing to this strong outlook is the rock bottom interest rates. In historical terms, there has rarely been a time that interest rates have been this low for this long. At some point, the interest rates will rise, albeit not in the near future. This means that for those looking at homes for sale, the time is still right to get a mortgage at an incredibly low rate.

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Helotes, Texas offers plenty of homes for sale ranging from large, multi-story family residential housing to smaller, two-bedroom units. There are a few things to look for when buying a home in a residential neighborhood to insure that you are getting the best deal.

Research: Compare prices in of homes selling in the same neighborhood. While there will be individual differences between the homes, you should be able to see if the asking price is reasonable for the market.

Find Extras: If a home is offering something extra for the same price, check it out. You may be getting a better deal by going with this home over a similar model that isn’t as competitively priced.


For those selling their home, the opportunities are now growing as the market gradually shifts from that which favors the seller to one that is more friendly towards the buyer. With interest rates still at rock bottom levels, there are now more buyers on the market to take advantage of this opportunity.

However, the best news for sellers is that home values are going up across the nation as well. For Helotes, Texas residents, this may be the best time to sell a home as rising home values with stagnant interest rates is a combination that may not last very long.

What is true is that buying or selling a home in Helotes, Texas offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers in the foreseeable future.

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