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Carl Bishop


Is it time to sell?

Is it time to sell?


Have you been thinking of selling your home and just aren’t sure if now is the best time? Well, we at the Bishop Group in making a well-informed decision believe the answer is YES! Lots of families outgrow their current home and are looking for something that fits them better. Some families are thinking of relocating but the worry is always: will our home sell quickly? We believe it will. The housing market has settled and rates are currently going down. This will definitely entice new buyers, which means more people seeing your listing! There are also lots of first time home buyer programs which makes buying easier, this bring a whole new group to the market and greatly increases the chances of selling your home quickly and efficiently. The economy is stabilizing and that means people are able to get the value they expect out of their homes. This makes a huge difference in the timing of a sale. The Bishop Group’s assistance in selling your property will definitely relieve some stress and worry as we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and make sure you get the true value out of your home. We are also pleased to assist you in selling your property to purchase a new one if that’s what you’re considering.

Selling your home is like starting over with a clean slate and these are exciting times in which to step out afresh. Options that weren’t available in your previous home are available now and prices are reasonable. There may even be new developments or communities available to you but you won’t know about them unless you take a look at what the market has to offer. We find that in life the one thing that is always constant is change and selling your home gives you a chance to make changes in your family’s lifestyle, schooling or potential employment for you. So if you have been wrestling with the idea and feeling unsure we believe based on the latest figures in the home market you should wrestle no more! Now might just be the perfect time for you to make a move.