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Where Would You Start Your Home Search?

So you are ready to buy a house….where do you start? Do you call a Realtor, drive around, search online, ask a friend or family member what they did? There are so many places to search….Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia….and now Facebook! There is no right or wrong place; however I highly suggest our website at www.mysatxhomes.com. Of course you can search for homes on our site but you can also find a ton of information from us about the area that interests you the most. Why not find out about schools, restaurants, parks, stores, events and things to do in the area while you find your dream home? You can also save a search so that you are immediately notified when a new listing hits the market. The perks of our website are amazing….I invite you just to check it out and don’t forget to Plus1 and like us on Facebook!




Do You Have a Perfect Balance Between Work and Family?


Sometimes finding a perfect balance between work and family can be quite challenging, however it has to be done. Hopefully most of us love our career….and of course we love our family so we have to make time for both. I am a Mother to four children, a 15yr old daughter, a 13yr old son, a 9yr old daughter and a 5yr old son. I am also a Texas Realtor. This is why my balance is able to work and this is why I love my career! Being a Realtor does not require me to clock in or clock out….thank goodness because I may have been fired already. It allows me to be 100% committed to both my clients and my children. I have the flexibility to be available to my clients when they need me and also the ability to spend more time with my children.

I am available 7days a week from sun up to sun down….so chances are I can work around your work schedule and help you find your perfect home! Call or Facebook me today…..



Lesson Learned

It has been well over 9 years since I began my search for a new home. My husband and I had been renters for at least 5 years and had already experienced apartment living as well as living under a land lord. I was more than ready to become a home owner and I think my husband was as well, however he hated the process of looking for a home. I would drag him along to all the builders looking for our dream home while staying within our budget. We never used a Realtor and we were referred to our lender which we really liked because he got us “approved”. I felt confident with everything at the time because I had done a lot of research when I was in the “dreaming of owning a home” phase, however I was naïve to get excited when we were approved for more than I thought we would. This was back in 2004 when everyone was getting approved for a home loan. We finally decided to build a home with Armadillo. It was perfect and it was close to where we were already living so we were happy…..so we thought! About a month later I ran into a friend of mine who was also buying a house and she told me that she had found a great area outside 1604 and Potranco. I had never even thought to look that far out. I immediately got curious and drove out there. It was so different than the areas that I previously looked at and I really liked it. I visited the Centex builder representative and she showed me some of the inventory homes that she had under construction. One of the homes was in a cul-de-sac with plenty of space for our family at the time. I immediately took my husband out the next day to see it and he liked it as much as I did. The building process was too long and we were getting anxious so we decided to cancel our build with Armadillo and we put a full price contract on the Centex home.  We were happy and the kids were excited because our move went from 6 months to about 4 weeks!

We are still living in this home and we have definitely outgrown it! Today I am a Realtor and as I look back on that experience I realize all of the mistakes I made. If I would have made the choice to use a Realtor we may not have “missed” opportunities to see new areas, we definitely would not have paid full price for our home and we would have had someone on our side to make sure that everything was done in our favor. We are anxiously waiting to move into a larger home in the next 2 years and thankfully we have been through the process the hard way and are looking forward to a smoother transition next time!

-Melissa Barrera