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Carl Bishop


Property Management

Property Management

There are many benefits to deciding to use a property management brokerage like The Bishop Group. Property management companies allow home owners the freedom and convenience of handling all aspects of your single family property so the only thing you have to do ensure the mortgage is paid! Some of these hassle-free benefits include advertising and finding tenants, screening and handling the approval process of new tenants, collecting rental payments and handling maintenance requests. Many home owners use companies like The Bishop Group to streamline their property management if they live out of town, are in the process of selling or even for an investment property. Any scenario can benefit from adding property management companies into the mix. They streamline the process for you by taking out the hassle and worry of finding reliable tenants and managing their needs.

Property management companies have varied screening and approval processes which make it easier and much less risky for home owners to rent out their properties. They will collect rent payments for you, handle any issues with the tenants and also handle maintenance and property issues. This allows the owners to relax a little and not have to stress so much about these details. There are open lines of communication between the property management companies and the property owners so they are always there to answer any questions and help you feel as comfortable as possible about your property. Many people try to manage properties on their own and it becomes too stressful and costly having to deal with unreliable tenants, unforeseen issues and even long distance ownership. It is such a relief to have the ability to manage all these things through one simple company.

The Bishop Group is proud to offer all these services with outstanding customer service for any commercial or individual property management situation aligned to your needs and believe our business-savvy clients will recognize the opportunity to streamline this process.


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