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Carl Bishop


The Age of Information

The Age of Information

We currently live in an age of information, everything we do now revolves around some type of technological piece of equipment or software that keeps us constantly connected to a world of information. These items are constantly evolving and becoming better, easier to use, easier to understand, and able to do more than before. This evolution is happening much faster than they did in times past. All of us have been swept up in an overwhelming wave of technology and information. Many of us resistant to change wanting to cling to the security of our old habits and ways of viewing the world will close a blind eye to the information that is at our finger tips. Being a member of generation Y, I feel as if I have a distinct advantage over my less evolved predecessors in that technology comes easy to me. I can't imagine what great advantages my children will have in the technological world once they become of the age to reason and use logic.

What are you doing to adapt to this change? Did you go out and buy the iphone 5 when it was recently released? Do you even know what that wonderful piece of technology you carry around in your pocket is capable of? All of my friends have smart phones now, but what is interesting only a very small percentage utilize the phone to its full capacity. Sure everybody has "Angry Birds" downloaded, but not many people have made the effective connection with that piece of technology, I'd say the clear majority of consumers out there have the technology and yet have no earthly idea how to use it or apply it. It's not their own fault but it's our stubborn characteristic of human nature that make us resistance to change.

My good friend whose name I will not mention takes his check to the bank every Friday religiously, once I informed him that he no longer needs to waste the gas or endure the frustration of driving all the way to his financial institution and waiting in line. By simply downloading the bank app he could deposit the check from the comfort of his own home, yet he still refuses to use it or even download the banking app for that matter. He doesn't trust it. Change is uncomfortable, fear of that discomfort keeps us from progressing in life. If we don't progress we put ourselves at a disadvantage. Embrace change and change will embrace you back.

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