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Carl Bishop


The Hour of Opportunity

The Hour of Opportunity

I've been reading quite a bit lately, I'm not sure if that is simply a by product of being recommended so many great books by so many great people that I have a world of respect for. Take Dave Liniger's book for example, his newest book "My Next Step" which I received the honor of him autographing in person at the R4 RE/MAX international convention., it's a short and inspiring book about Dave's battle with recent health issues, while reading this book Dave recommended a couple of excellent books that I'm now deeply enthralled in. When the recommendation comes from a source like Dave Lininger one would be foolish to not run out and buy this fantastic nugget of priceless information.


The first of which is none other than Napolean Hill's masterpiece "Think and Grow Rich", while I've been told about this book in the past it never occurred to me to get serious about reading it until Dave told me about his experience with the piece of literature. It's really interesting how much more weight a suggestion carries when one considers the source of that recommendation. For example if a bum on the side of the road told you to read a book about success and acquiring wealth most people wouldn't take the suggestion too seriously, conversely when the suggestion comes from an iconic leader of men and business it carries weight beyond words can explain. Even the most simpilest of minds should be able to figure out when it is important to take a suggestion to heart.


In not so many words the book is about systems for creating wealth and opportunities as one navigates through life and career. It's a blue print for success, it illustrates proven methods of acquiring the things you will need in life to be successful in what ever you choose to do. It must be read over and over again, it's instructions must be followed to the tee and you must put in the hours of required preparation but it is out there for all who have the will to take it.


Opportunity is running rampant right now, it's everywhere you look, it's around every corner, it's in every industry, you have just got to know where to look for it. We live in the land of opportunity and we must make the most of it, us Americans should lead the world in everything that is important. We've been given a great gift  from God by being blessed to live in the greatest country there ever was or ever will be, now is our hour of opportunity. Will you take it?