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Carl Bishop


Tile Installation

Tile Installation

In today’s world people are starting to easily undertake projects for themselves that in yesteryear it was thought were only performed by professionals. Installing tile in your home was one of those projects that in times gone was rather left to the professionals but it’s easier than ever now to do it yourself. Here are a few quick and easy steps to get started. Make sure your sub floor (the old floor or what will be underneath your tile) is level and clean. Once you have mixed the mortar you are ready to get started. The mortar should cover the floor area you are starting in completely. You will need to get a trowel to mark the mortar. Run the trowel across the mortar in straight lines to be sure the tile will lay even. Once you are done with the mortar and pulled off the excess you are ready to start laying the tile.

Each square of tile should be placed evenly and use spacers to keep distance between the tiles. If the tile doesn’t seem to be setting well place some mortar directly on the back from the excess and then place the tile back down. Be sure the tiles are centered and even during this process. Once your tiles are set place a leveler on top to make sure they are even and you can use a rubber mallet to get the corners even with the others. Once all the tiles are set and even you are ready to pour the grout. Once the grout is mixed then pour it in the area where the spacers were and be sure to get the grout all the way in between the tiles.

After the grout has dried for 24 hours you can take a bucket of warm water and a cloth to remove the excess grout from the tile. It can take up to 72 hours for the grout to completely set. After those 72 hours you can use a grout sealer to be sure that it will maintain and hold the tiles. That is a brief way to take a project of tile installation and do it yourself! I’m sure you will feel proud and it will bring great self-satisfaction to know that you are contributing to your home’s beauty with a quick DIY project like this!