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Carl Bishop


Trends In Kitchen Design

Trends in Kitchen Design

When deciding to purchase a home in today’s market there is often the preconception that you will get to choose your own design and make the home exactly what you want it to be. How exciting to be able to construct an idea of the heart of your new home (the kitchen) exactly how you always imagined!


There are so many themes and ideas to select from so it can be difficult to make the right choice but a natural, non-fussy look would be a beach house or cottage style. Purchase cabinets that are white with a weathered look to them, add a splash of pale yellow to the walls and understated accents with small simple, perhaps white or light aqua tiled countertops. Large square or rectangular white or ivory tiles on the floor will also lend to a feeling of just a small cozy kitchen where a single person or a couple can cook and spend time together without feeling like they are worlds apart in their own home.


There’s also the modern or contemporary look, something a bit more masculine in nature, which perhaps would suit the eternal bachelor in you. This would be accomplished with stainless steel appliances, flat, long cabinets that are black or grey with granite counter tops and a matching black or marbled splash of color. You would then select the sleek, dark hardwood floors to set the room off just right.


Then there’s always the country kitchen look that some families prefer, marked by strong, wooden cabinets with antique handles, plain white countertops and wallpaper with a running nature elements like chickens, apples or even flowers. Older style, vintage appliances and hardwood floors can often add a certain impressive flair to this look.


Even if you aren’t planning on renovating your whole kitchen sometimes simply painting the walls or cabinets can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen and even getting the family involved in a household project can be constructive and entertaining. This is also usually an inexpensive way to make a big change without having to spend a lot of time or money. Getting together and selecting just the right color together can be fun. It’s exciting to explore all of the possibilities of what your kitchen could be with the right design ideas from you and your family.